2019 Response Pest Control Trading as C2C Pest Control & Environmental Services LTD

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Tameside Pest Control | Manchester Pest Control can be relied upon to provide discreet, fast and effective services to both residential and commercial customers. All our technicians are trained and certified competent, assuring you of the highest professional quality service.

Tameside Pest Control can respond to any pest emergency in and around the Tameside area, and will deal with your concerns, quickly and without drama. Most residential pest problems require only one visit by our pest technicians, who will find the appropriate solution to your problem and provide guidance on pest-proofing your home, and our repair team can advise and carry out preventative work once control is achieved.

Services Provided by Tameside Pest Control:

  • Rodent Control

  • Insects

  • Bees & Wasps Nests

  • Birds & Pigeons

  • Advanced Bird Proofing Solutions

  • Solar Panel Exclusion Kits 

  • Fleas & Bedbugs

  • Fly Screening/Electronic Fly Killers

  • Repair Team

  • Deep Cleaning/Sanitization

Tameside Pest Control | Manchester Pest Control cover the following:

Ashton-Under-Lyne(Within 30 Mile Radius) Including, Bury, Denton, Glossop, Hyde, Mossley, Manchester, Oldham, Prestwich, Rochdale, Stalybridge, Stockport, Saddleworth.

(Within 30 mile Radius)

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Rats have long been considered deadly pests.

Invasive, and damaging to property.Gnawing on wires, and pipework, nocturnal and hard to spot until too late.

Common field mice, generally invade a property to find food, and harbourage, like Rats, are a gnawing pest that can damage property and goods.

Wasp Nest Control.

Wasps make there nests from july to november, and can appear in anything from sheds, to attics.

create havoc, due to there ability to sting.

Ants can appear as early as january until well into the autumn months, invade propertys to collect food, nests can be extensive.

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Bedbugs are without doubt one of the most serious pests, transported via travel abroad, and secondhand goods, these biting insects spread rapidly into a household.

diffucult to find, essential to control.

Varied carpet beetle are a pest of fabric, can enter the nest via birds nests or flying through open windows.

The Larval stage more commonly reffered to as 'Wooly bears' feed off fabric creating damage.

Intially entering the household via the family pet, fleas if left untreated will soon present themselves as a nusiance to the entire family, biting all around to gain a blood feed.

Birds, mainly pigeons create problems with there droppings, which are unsightly, and dangerous in volumes.control and proofing is essential.