1.0 Normal Hours of work 8am/ 8pm callout charge may incurr after these hours.

1.1 Revisits will take place 14 Days after intial treatments.

1.2 Customers must adhere to Risk Assessment notes left after treatment.

1.3 All bait boxs/baits left at premises are the property of Response Pest Control, if these are damaged or lost during a course of treatment the customer will incurr a charge for relacements.


2.0 Liability


2.1 We do not accept liability for any loss, damage, or injury arising, save as specified below

2.2 Personal injury or death which is a direct result of negligence on the part of Response Pest Control in the course of carrying out the services

2.2 Replacement or repair, at our option, of any fixtures or fittings significantly damaged as a result of our work. However, when we have advised the customer before starting the work that the work cannot be carried out without such damage, the customer understands that by giving permission for us to carry out the work, he or she is agreeing that we will not be liable for replacement or repair that was advised in advance would be necessary.


4.0 Payments


4.1 customers payment is due upon the completion of the work

4.2 Payment for work booked by the customer to be carried out while the customer is absent from the premises, is due within seven days after treatment is carried out

4.3 Failure to pay in a timely manner may incur late payment charges

4.4 Acceptable payment methods: cash, all major credit cards, cheque or bank transfer. Please contact us for further information if required.


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