Tameside Pest Control | Manchester Pest Control can provide treatments for the public and private sector. Contracts can be obtained for restaurants, Factories, warehouses etc, at VERY competitive prices.

Visits can take place evenings and weekends, so no time needs to be taken off work.

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Below is a brief outline on some off the more common pests and treatment schedules carried out by Tameside Pest Control.

Rats in attic ashton under lyne, mossley, stalybridge,

Rats will enter the home through gaps in walls, broken drains.

initial treatment will involve an inspection of the property to determine size and extent off infestation.

Baits or traps to be layed, (treatments can be carried out safely around pets, children).

Revisit to property in 2 weeks, to check on control measures, once control acheived advice on proofing to prevent re-infestation.

bedbug control ashton under lyne, mossley, stalybridge

Bedbugs are becoming more common in modern society, due to increased foreign travel, and trade in secondhand furniture.

Once inside a household, Bedbugs locate a blood feed by carbon monoxide in our breath, these biting insects then start to spread rapidly.

A survey is required to assess the extent and location of the infestation, and then control measures discussed, wil usually take more than one visit, due to there adversion to light, and ability to hide in cracks and crevices.

mice nest ashton under lyne, mossey, stalybridge

Mice can get through a gap the size off a pencil. Treatment carried out is as per Rats.

carpet beetles ashton under lyne, mossley, stalybridge

Another common pest, usually appear in spring/Autumn, these insects can be brought in via birds nests in the attic, or by there ability to fly.

The larval stage more commonly know as a "wooly" bear, is the most damaging feeding on fabric until it hatches into an adult.

Control acheived by residual Insecticide being applyed, to edges of carpets/Flooring.

wasp nest in attic, ashton under lyne, stalybridge, mossley

Wasp nest control,

They build nests from wood scrapings, cardboard and paper which they mix with their saliva to form cellulose. These nests can commonly be found under eaves of houses, in attics, walls, roof spaces, trees, hedges and underground. These are the nests that bother people most as the wasp population can reach staggering proportions.

Control acheived by destroying nest, wasps never use the same nest twice.

fleas in house ashton under lyne, mossley, stalybridge

Fleas are another biting insect, laying eggs in the household pets fur. can also bite humans. and laying eggs in batches of 20 an infestation can quicky spread and become a nuisance.

Recommend to first treat the pet, then the household wil be treated with a residual insecticide. All rooms treated, beds, and sofas.

ant control, ashton under lyne, mossley, stalybridge

Ants invade homes searching for foodstuffs, and can become extremely troublesome very quckly. The black Ant (Lasius Niger) is most commonly found.

Residual insecticide or gels are used to gain control.


Pigeons are a major pest due to there unsightly droppings that can damage buildings, and create a major slip hazard. Due to there preference to travel in numbers a roosting area can quickly develop sometimes ruining buildings.

Control can be acheived by the use of spiking systems, netting or the bird free gel , which can achieve amazing results, with little or no visible change to a building 

Tameside Pest Control | Manchester Pest Control.All other Pests not listed here can also be controlled, Contact us to get a quote.

Including Moles, Mink, Squirrels etc. Wasp Nest Removal Tameside.