Q. Which areas do you cover.

Response pest control, covers all Tameside, Ashton Under Lyne, Mossley, Stalybridge, Glossop, Droylsden, Hyde, Denton and suurounding areas.


Q. How will I know i have a wasp nest

If you see a large amount of wasps, entering or exiting a hole in attic, bird box, airvent then this is an indication of a wasp nest, particulary in the months of june until late december.Ring Tameside Pest Control, for wasp nest removal tameside, and surrounding areas.


Q. Can I control this myself

Response pest control, strongly advises against any DIY wasp nest removal in ashton under lyne, our operators carry suitable PPE, and the correct equipment to destroy a wasp nest in tameside from a safe distance. Multiple stings can be extremeley painfull, and in worst cases can kill.


Q.How long will the treatment take

Wasp treatments in Tameside, ashton under lyne, mossley, stalybridge will take about 30 mins


Q. Do you need to come into he house/Is it safe for pets and children.

Most wasp nest removals/Control is done from the outside, pets and children will have to stay away from treated areas for 12hrs, wasps can become aggresive straight after a treatment.


Q. How long will a flea treatment take in Tameside, ashton under lyne, mossley, stalybridge

Flea treatments in Tameside and surrounding areas will take about 45mins, depending on the size of the house.


Q. What preparation do I need to do before a flea treatment in ashton under lyne, mossley, stalybridge is carried out.

All areas will need to be hoovered, floor spaces to be clear of clutter, beds stripped,


Q. How do I know i have rats, mice in my home

First indications are noise in the roof spaces, food disappearing, gnawing in cupboards, and garages.For Rats in Tameside, contact response pest control, to take advantage of our discounted rates.we also deal with mice nests in tameside.


Q. How does the treatment work for rats mice in the attic in tameside/ how long will it take

pest is first identified by droppings, gnawing, and bait is placed in suitable areas, away from pets, children,

treatment will typically be acheived in 2 weeks, depending on the size of the infestation.


Q.What happens if a rat/ mouse dies in my property

This is a very rare occurence, Tameside pest control will make every effort to remove the body, if not a de- odorizer can be used.


Q. How will i know if i have bedbug bites in tameside, bedbugs ashton under lyne, mossley, stalybridge

Bedbug bites in tameside, are an increasing problem in ashton under lyne, mossley, stalybridge, usually brought in to the household, via foreign travel or 2nd hand furniture, these biting insects, find the host through carbon monoxide in our breath.


Q. How will you treat bedbugs/Bedbug bites

A inspection will be first needed in the property to locate and assess the extent of the infestation, then a treatment schedule will be put into place.