Wasp nest removal ashton under lyne/ Wasp Nest Tameside


Wasps generally start building there nests from mid june, until late december.

Tameside pest control, and local expert on wasp nest removal ashton under lyne, Response Pest Control, outlines 

a few tips on spotting a wasp nest in tameside.


Wasps can build there nests in a variety of places, commonly found hanging from trees, airbricks, birdboxs, and in

attic spaces.

The queen wasp will pick a suitable nesting site, then start producing drones, or worker wasps, these are what you need to look out for.

If you see a large number of wasp, entering a hole in the building there is a high chance you have a nest.

Now it is time to ring tameside pest control, for wasp nest removal/ control in tameside.


Wasp nest removal in Tameside/ ashton under lyne, is done with the use of a contact powder, which when applied by tameside pest control, can acheive, control in under 48hrs.

Each site will be risk assessed before any treatment is carried out, and advice given by the operative.


In the later months, october until december wasps can appear in large numbers around trees, and shrubs feeding off sap, this makes the wasp nest ashton under lyne, very aggressive and stings are more common in these months.

Response Pest control also advise that after treatment, a few grubs will still find there way into the house, due to the wasp being attracted to light.


So ring tameside pest control, for, wasp nest removal ashton under lyne, Mossley, Hyde, Droylsden, Denton,

Stalybridge and all surrounding areas.

Please note if on callout, the infestation turns out to be either masonry bees, bumblebee or

honey bees, due to the fact these insects are valuable to our ecology and highly endangered 

no treatment will be carried out, and a £20.00 call out fee with be incurred.






wasp nest removal ashton under lyne, Wasp Nest Tameside.